Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to - Root Huawei Ascend P1 - U9200 B113 and B115

Huawei U9200 AKA Ascend P1

WARNING: Rooting your phone invalidates your warranty.

Try this at your own risk, I am NOT responsible if you brick your phone.

This guide is for phones with firmware B113 and B115 (may work on others but not tested as far as I'm aware)

Step 1 - Download either the full pack here - b113_b115-root_u9200---__[Nixing] (Thanks to Nixing at XDA for this download) or just the tools here - b113 b115 root u9200[Nixing] Tools Only and extract to your desktop.

Step 2 - Enable USB debugging on your phone - Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging and plug it into your PC

Step 3 - Run hwadb.exe and let it finish.

Step 4 - Run ubl.exe and wait for it to finish.

Step 5 - Disconnect your phone from your PC and Reboot.

Step 6 - Check to see if Superuser has been installed on your phone.

Step 7 - If you find Superuser in your menu, Congratulations your phone is rooted :)

Step 8 - You will now need to install a custom recovery to make use of your newly rooted phone so head over here -

How to - Install Recovery on Huawei Ascend P1 - U9200 B113 and B115

for instructions


A Big thanks goes to Nixing at XDA for working out this method for the B113 and B115 versions (Original Thread here)and again to Genokolar for creating the tools for this :)


  1. Hi huawei p1 u9200 B103 root how to?

  2. The guide above should work buty ou could also try Unlock Root - http://www.unlockroot.com/index.html

    Or you could upgrade your firmware to B113 - http://johnnyparanoia.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/huawei-ascend-p1-u9200-firmware-list.html

    and then root with the guide above :)

  3. I can confirm this also works on Huawei Ascend D1 (dual core)

    1. Excellent news :)

      Thank you for your feedback and information.

      Can I just ask -

      What firmware version is your D1 running?

      And did you install recovery? If so which one?

      Thanks again

      Johnny P

    2. Sure. No problem.

      I managed to install recovery (ClockWorkMod Recovery v5.8.4.5) after a lot of messing around.

      First i installed Android Control (to c:\AndroidControl)
      I downloaded cwm_touch_recovery_viva_beta.img and put it in c:\AndroidControl
      Then i went into the phones download mode (or whatever it is called) by:
      a: Turning off phone and wait a while
      b: Hold Volume down and connect usb cable from computer

      Now a new device shows up called Blaze. No driver could be identified. (in W7x64)
      I Selected it in Device Manager and forced it to use "Android adapter ADB Interface" (I selected: Update driver software / Browse my computer... / Let me pick from a list... / Mobile phone (I think it was) / Android adapter ADB Interface).
      I had the driver availible there. This might be from installing HiSuite earlier.

      Now i started the command prompt (cmd) and went to c:\AndroidControl.
      Then i ran the commands:
      "fastboot devices" (to confirm that the device was identified. If no device is found an error will be thrown.)
      "fastboot flash recovery cwm_touch_recovery_viva_beta.img"
      "fastboot reboot"

      Baseband version is: "IMC1202_20120620_PENTA"
      Kernel version is: 3.0.8-00028-gf1d0793 android@localhost #1
      Build number is: U9500-1V100R001C00B215

    3. Thank you

      Very useful, especially the driver solution :)there are some people over at XDA-developers.com who have been having a problem with that.

      Johnny P

  4. Johny, its a basic question, how can i found wheter my phone is b113 or b115?

    1. Simply enter your settings menu then about phone, you will see either 'version number' or 'build number' which will look something like 'C**B**' or it might be a full version like 'V100R001CHNC**B***'.

      If it has CHN then its Chinese firmware (no Google Apps)if not then its general use (has Google Apps)

      Hope this helps :)

    2. johny, mine has CHN - B110
      does that mean google apps can not be installed in this version? if i want to have google apps in this version, what to do? thanks for the help..

  5. i have P1 ascend but some applications are in Chinese, is there a way i can change everything to English? user guide, mobile qq etc are in chinese...

  6. What do i need before hwadb.exe run? Can i run with Windows 7 ?

  7. absolutely work with B103, in Turkey locate phones.

    Thanks for assist.

  8. pls ,i want to install original boot image for u9200 b118.but i can't .i want to know for download link.where i can be? pls tell me.my email is aungkyawthan.ms@gmail.com .

  9. Worked like a charm on a B215 Ascend D1! Thanks mate!

    P.S. UnlockRoot wouldn't do it for my phone, don't know why.

  10. Hi all, if anyone can help me it would be great. I want to know how to extract the stock firmware (UPDATE.APP) on my phone it's the canadian wind version which isn't here. If anyone can get me started with the extraction of the firmware that would be great. I'd also be contributing to the list. thanks! :)

  11. hola tengo un huawei ascend p1 comprado en españa y quisiera saber que version es la b113 o la b115 quisiera rootearle ya que tiene un problema de calibrado de barteria, un saludo

  12. Hello good, I'm from Venezuela and buy a huawei ascend p1 huawei in store from here, I want to be root on my smartphone, but has not that firmware! as I can verify that? ISC smartphone came with 4.0.3 and the build number says: U9200-1V100R001C426B101 kernel version: 3.0.8-00003-gf592b94, really appreciate it if you could tell me if I can make the process to be root. thank you!


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