Monday, October 1, 2012

Latest News - Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) Huawei Ascend P1

Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) Firmware Available for Huawei Ascend P1 (U9200)

That's right, Android 4.1 has been released for the Huawei Ascend P1.

There are two that I've found for you.

The first is an official beta release so is packaged in an and dload folder for installation and is available here - U9200-1 (Android 4.1.1)V100R001CHNC00B508

The second is a rooted version so the .zip is installed from ClockWorkMod :)
available here - u9200_EMUI4.1_B508_ATX

Original thread and source (Also source of screenshots) is here - U9200/P1 ING ATX team latest official upgrade EmotionUI B508 flash package [JellyBean 4.1

Enjoy :)


  1. this is the chinese version? can we choose the english language for the system?

  2. As far as I'm aware you should be able to choose English, Huawei usually include it with their Chinese firmware but I couldn't say for certain without someone testing it because I don't own a P1.

  3. please check part 1 ...I cann't download...

  4. i need to download part 1 ..Please check part1

    1. What error are you getting when you try? I've checked and all parts are there and able to be downloaded.

    2. You may get an initial error, then it may ask for authorisation (CAPTCHA), enter the two words and it downloads fine :)

  5. Hi :)
    I haven't done this kind of installation before.
    If someone just could describe to me how to do it, I would be so thankful! Send me an email( or write it here.


    1. If you are running stock firmware then simply download all parts of the first download (U9200-1 (Android 4.1.1)V100R001CHNC00B508) to the same folder on your desktop and extract, then copy the 'dload' folder over to the root of your SD Card and then follow the instructions here -

      This should work on Chinese firmware for sure but I've had no feedback on if it works on European (Normal) firmware without rooting and flashing a Chinese recovery image.

      If you have your phone rooted and a custom recovery installed then you will need to extract a stock recovery image (Chinese) -

      Then flash it to your phone -

      Then follow follow the Stock firmware instructions -

      If you want to try and root the Jelly Bean firmware then try this over at XDA which may be able to root it -

      Have fun :)

    2. Thanks for a quick response :)
      Just one more question before I'll try it. Can I like brick my device if I try to do this upgrade?

      /Tobias :)

    3. It's unlikely but there is always a risk of bricking your phone with any upgrade, rooting etc.

      My advice would be to root and install CWM Recovery, then backup your phone before flashing the stock recovery back and then doing the upgrade. That way if the upgrade fails you should be able to re-flash cwm and restore your backup.

  6. Hi Johnny,

    I am using B219 and wants to install Jelly bean, i tried it with normal method to put file in dload directory but it failed to install.
    then i tried to make image of jelly bean by using your said method. i have followed the all method but when i double click on "" it does not run. i tried on window 7 and XP but no luck. can you give me recovery img to install jelly bean ?



  7. Hey Johnny,

    I installed the EMUI version its missing camera and gallery. Where can i get these

  8. I've uploaded what I think you will need from the Official firmware, U9200 Camera_Gallery

    You can try copying them to your SD Card and installing them but since they are system apps I think you will need to use a root file manager and copy them to the system>apps directory and then reboot your phone to get them working.

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Johnny P :)

  9. Thanks Johnny appreciate your help.......i copied the files. However for some reason its not allowing me to remount /system and saying no free disk space.

    1. That's strange because the system folder on the custom firmware is far smaller than the official rom.

      Try clearing the cache partition and rebooting again (I'm assuming you have CWM recovery installed).

      Unfortunately I can't check this but if anyone has a P1 with the custom Jelly Bean firmware installed perhaps they could check under the Manage Applications settings and post here how much free space there should be :)

    2. Yeah worked it out many many thanks. Just one last question. The internal sdcard sucks however there is no setting to move default internal to external. Is there a way i can achieve that via adb. I tried to use the umount command but it fails saying device resource busy.
      Can you please point me to a forum or tell me how should i achieve that. Once again appreciate your help alot.

  10. Hi Johnny, thanks for the cracking job of putting the files up.

    That said, I am on firmware B219 and tried to install the update. I use the sd card upgrade method from setting/storage/software upgrade... yada yada. When the phone rebooted it said "version list verify fail".

    I tried booting up the phone using power+volume up but it never booted into update mode. When I boot up power+volume up and release power when huawei logo were displayed, it booted to the recovery mode. When I select to update via external storage it wont read the file. Only shows the dload folder as blank.

    Any ideas?

    1. Kinda interested in this to :)

      First make sure that 'fastboot' is switched off. There should be an option in Applications>Development Settings or elsewhere in the setting menu (Can't say for sure where it is, sorry)

      Second try changing to and see if it will recognise it.

      Thirdly the Jelly Bean firmware above is for Chinese models and so I'm guessing won't work on the 'Normal' firmware like B219.

      However, if you root your phone and then install CWM Recovery (Go with the cwm_touch_recovery_viva_beta.img) and back up your phone.
      Next extract a recovery from one of the Chinese firmwares (I'd suggest B118) and manually flash it to your phone (This should get you past the version check error) then try to update to the Jelly Bean firmware.

      Obviously because you've rooted your phone, you always have the option of using the custom rom instead of the official firmware upgrade if you wish.

      Details -
      For rooting - Unlock Root

      For Custom Recovery - How to Install Recovery on Huawei Ascend P1 U9200

      To get stock recovery - How to Extract and Identify Recovery Image

      To flash stock recovery - How to Manually flash a recovery image

  11. I am very happy to see this blog. and i want its new version quickly released. Thank You!

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  12. I've been successfully installed root version using CWM :)
    But there are so many bugs,
    -cannot open Play Store
    -cannot sync google account <- this is the most flaw I think :(
    -cannot add Exchange email
    -cannot add google mail
    -so many crash (email services, when you move the icon to folder, etc)

    Hope the next released version have no bugs :)

    1. Try flashing the Jelly Bean GAPPS package -
      See if that helps fix the bugs :)

    2. that's very helpful
      thanks very much John :)

    3. Huawei U9200 please advice I have reinstalled the software version of the B525 everything works just me unable to install Gapps I tried other versions, but gapps constantly is broken. (Phone does not root) Consult us

  13. The blog and data is excellent and informative as well.
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  14. Hey Johnny all the links at mediafire appears to be broken. Is there any other mirror? Please help thank you a ton for all your help.

    1. Yeah I'm having some problems with Mediafire at the moment being idiots and not understanding the concept of Open Source.

      I'm trying to sort it but will upload to another mirror ASAP and post a new link here.

    2. Man you have been really great in help appreciate your prompt reply and help. Thanks a ton.

    3. Aye no problem.

      Most of the Mediafire links are now working again, got about 8 files that they are still messing me about with lol.

      But the Jelly Bean updates are all there for now :)

    4. Hey Thanks again! I tried downloading JB but it still fails. I mean the first file fails so even if you download 2nd and 3rd you cannot unrar them.

  15. Hello. Mediafire still not working. It gives an error about multipart files not allowed to be shared, only from premium accounts.

    1. Yeah unfortunately as of the 4th of October Mediafire has introduced a new restriction - WHAT IS A FILE RESTRICTION? which means only 10 people per month can download a split archive off me from them :(

      I'm currently uploading ALL firmware to 4shared and will be updating/adding those links as soon as I'm done. In the meantime the Official Jelly Bean firmware link is posted in the comments above and if you need the custom firmware then post back and I'll upload to 4shared ASAP for you :)

    2. Hi Johnny, do you have the u9200_EMUI4.1_B508_ATX on 4shared yet?

  16. Thanks for the ROM Johnny. Works great. I didn't have any trouble with the CWM version. Just flash over GAPPS and then I just removed the apps that I did not require using NoBloat.

    FYI, B512 is out

  17. Hi Johnny. I have a P1 with chinese stock ROM B118. Geno Recovery chinese applied succesfully too.
    Do you think I can get into trouble if I try to flash with Zip update this new Jelly Bean Official Emotion UI ROM B512 ?

    I have done a ROM backup just in case. Do you know if I apply this update from B118 will have problems later in order to come back and restore ICS restored ROM ?

    Do you know if EMOTION UI roms are multilanguage ? Thanks in advance Johnny

  18. Oops... saw the new link. Thanks

  19. Well I installed rooted version using CWM Touch recovery beta and it messed up my Phone and SMS. Everything worked except for some bugs, but I could not make or receive any calls. I was able to receive messages but could not send any.
    Fortunately I made backup with CWM and restored back to stock.
    Any idea why it messed up the Pnone and MMS?
    Should I have wiped data/factory reset prior to flashing?

  20. Hi Johnny,

    Do you have time to put up a new link to the U9200-1 (Android 4.0.3)V100R001C185B103 firmware? There are only one part left in the old link.

  21. it says that we cannot download split files anymore and that the user who uploaded the files was notified. so i cannot do the bulk download because i have the free account. im 15 and my parents wont let me get the paid membership to mediafire. is it possible for anybody to compile it into one single archive and upload it so that people with free accounts can download it too? and johnny paranoia if possible can you please do this for us free users? or can anybody else who has it, can they do it for us? Much thanks and all efforts to help are appreciated.
    Thank you.

  22. hi johnny can you tell me if this firmware supports the english language or is it just chinese? i really need to know thanks.

  23. Jonny please let do it for T8828 Users all in this word
    Johnny please help me this way
    i want root Or CWM Huawei t8828 device
    please post in your blog or reply my mail

  24. Have any news for official release?

  25. Huawei U9200 please advice I have reinstalled the software version of the B525 everything works just me unable to install Gapps I tried other versions, but gapps constantly is broken. (Phone does not root) Consult us

  26. Welcome.
    I question if this rom has different languages ​​than China, and that it can sit on the official rom B 104, made ​​root.

  27. Is it possible to install jelly bean with the chinese firmware and after that to reinstall the european firmware maintaining the jellybean version?
    And how can i if everything goes wrong reinstall the jellybean?
    Im hoping for an quick answer :)


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